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Any NYC or Ithaca pilots?

Can't say I'm close to you but I live in NY:). Only thing is I am just outside of Albany. :cool:
Oh wow Kool Beanz dude! I assumed all the CEO's was out west in Cali enjoying the sunshine. I'm back and forth from Ithaca to the city often, otr truck driver. Hopefully we can link up for some great footage. East coast love for my I1pilots.I feel like I'm in the DJI loop now!
If by CEO you mean someone important, you have the wrong guy. I just moderate here. As for being close, if you ever plan to be in the area let me know. Would certainly like to see another I1 in the area. All my fellow quad pilots use phantoms and other smaller quads.
Ok well enough. I don't know a single person with kite & i would definitely love to fly with group. Ill let you know if im in your neck of the woods. Keep up the good work. I appreciate you guys and forum!
I live right out side the city on Long Island up on the north shore
Hey there Daryl .. I'm out on the island, near Huntington on the North Shore.
Hello to you 'N9142Z' .. Huntington / Northport here.
Give me a shout if you'd like to fly.

You too 'Jerry Nycom' !

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