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Anyone know where I can get a proper FPV camera installed for my I2?

May 2, 2022
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San Jose, CA
I’ve seen threads with this discussed before, was hoping to get some updated responses. The fpv camera on the inspire 2 is horrible as everyone knows. Would love to upgrade it if possible, but I don’t have the skills to do it myself.

Is there anyone out there that can or has done this before that can provide some insight? Or, perhaps there’s a person out there that knows of a service that can do this upgrade?

Thank you to the community in advance.
Hi. So this is interesting, I’m ok opening some things up and I’m sort of mechanically inclined but I still don’t trust my level of skill to do this without some pretty clear guidance. I checked the link you sent, and it would be nice to see just picture of the mount without all the gear. Also, to confirm, under your mount ad on eBay, I saw the other items that I’m assuming make up the camera, and transmitter to complete the rig.

What I’m wondering is whether or not all the hardware and wiring harnesses required for this is something I’d be able to also get off the shelf.

I guess essentially what I’m wondering is, if there’s like a bill of materials list I’d need to get to achieve this. I’ll continue to look up articles that can provide insight but if you have any you’re willing to share, I’d be quite interested in attempting this.

We make the mounting hardware for many types of drones. The one I sent you is the most popular for I1 I2 and RC models.
As far as pictures they are in the ad. I see if I can find the article that went over the wiring its in forum somewhere.

I have over 100 of these in use.
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Yeah I’d love to see what you’re able to find, as I’ve had limited results. Perhaps I’ll change up my queries.

If you have any pictures also, I’d love to take a look. Once I figure out everything I need to buy and I can source everything, I’ll pull the trigger on your mount for sure as this is something that I’ve been wanting to address for a long while now with the I2.

It’s by far my biggest pet peeve about that bird.

Anyways, thanks again for your help!
Hi !
first post in this forum which I think is very useful and nice !

for peoples who have already install an air unit or O3 air unit,
how do you have managed the powering ?

thank you !

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