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App Update

Jan 14, 2015
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Has anyone updated iOS Pilot? I'm worried about unintended bugs and my iPad is set to auto update. I need to disable that before the next time I power up the iPad.
I read on another forum that the update will include some new FlySafe stuff. I'm going to wait until somebody else tries it and posts results.
I have updated my app and flew with it this morning and did not have any issues. The only thing I noticed so far just looking around really quickly is you can tell the app to use continuous file numbering for the camera and it also looks like it might hold on either PAL or NTSC now.
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If anyone has been able to catalog the bugs that were addressed and any additions (especially no-fly geofences) , I don't think that I'd be the only one interested in knowing what has changed before updating our devices to v1.0.3.
Update and flew today. Very happy to report that I'm finally able to record in PAL, so it seems that the PAL/NTSC & mov/mp4 issue has been resolved. We were flying commercially, so didn't do full test to see if MP4 part was fixed as we shoot mov.

Only problem was my new iPad Air2 did a complete restart mid flight. Screen went black, Apple logo came up etc etc etc... Luckily that was the cameraman's device, so I could continue shooting and flying while the iPad restarted. Didn't have the problem on the second flight.
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All good people.

Edit: I did get a MC Error (memory card) on my third battery. I dumped all the files on my PC when I got home and formatted the MC via the Pilot App.
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IOS version 1.0.3

MC Error (memory card) on the day I updated the app. Formatted the MC via the pilot app and tested okay.

Went for another flight today. - 28 flights to date. (shou recording the whole time)
None of the following had ever occurred until this update.

3 batteries later and this is how it went down:

Weak RC Signal at 1 kilometer but no loss of control. (I thank god for my good eye sight!)
Battery Level Low Warning at 40% and it come up with the return to home in 10 seconds scenario even though I've set it at 10% Critical - 30% First Warning.
No Signal Warning (no video stream) a few times - reconnected a few seconds later.
Ipad Air 2 completely rebooted whilst flying on the first and third battery.
1 file totally corrupted and this was my furthest flight to this day - Thankfully shou was recording.

I uninstalled and re-installed the app when I got home. I'll test it again soon or maybe I'll wait for the FWU...

Why fix something that didn't need fixing. I can understand that the app will need some sort of tweaking once the new FWU is available but why release an app update way before the FWU has gone live? *slaps forehead*

Scary $hit!
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ok. does not affect me then... android... :) but will keep reading here... there are some differences between the systems...
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