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are u guys getting the hand held gimbal?

I don't think so, depends on the price though. I've got a Varavron Birdycam 3 axis gimbal to use with my DSLR and I feel like the quality of that hand held is much better than the inspire camera. Birdycam's are great by the way, learn more here: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produ...hh_birdycam_birdy_camera_handheld_steady.html

It would be nice to have something more portable for quick stuff or hikes though. I bought a 3 axis gimbal for my go pro 2 months ago and have barely used it though because I hate the gopro footage compared to dslr.
Right, the main difference is it's much lighter than the Ronin! I almost forgot DJI makes those. The Ronin is great if you need to fly a RED or bigger camera but for GH4s or DSLRs I love the birdycam, and it's a bit cheaper too!
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I think the handheld is awesome. Since I usually flying my Phantom inside housed and buildings for cool shoots, this handheld will allow for smooth tighter shots where its too tight.
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I was going to get a handheld gimbal until there was one report of a fly-away. Haha.

I'm getting one.
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Would be great for shooting porn. Just saying.
I enjoy drones watching/filming.
If anyone wants to I can give locatio n

Feel free to tell me off...then private msg if you choose to engage
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