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Feb 24, 2014
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Almost had me a dangerously close call this morning.. Winds were steady 4-6mph and with gusts up to 10-15mph.. Well guess I should have watched the weather because I almost soiled myself.. Gusts were peaking 15-20mph, you would think NOT A PROBLEM, RIGHT?? Well not thinking, I was still in ATTI mode, and let's just say I learned something the HARD-WAY, and will NEVER do that again.. Granted my GIRL is perfectly fine, but my conscience is not.. Rarely do I ever take my eyes off the AC while flying, but was too busy playing with the GoPro videoing at the same time and didn't see or hear a warning of an upcoming gust as it did.. Everything happened to quickly and what video I was taking, I must have hit the record button again while I panicked and shut it off. The GOPRO however is wet and probably damaged as it did fall in a puddle of water.. I did not have it in its protective case because I Velcro it to my chest plate on my Camelbak tethering strap.. I wanted to show off my GIRL and detached it from safety, and wanted to do a close up of the AC coming into me.. Well I'm quite sure you can use your imagination. Picture controlling the AC with one hand and holding a GOPRO with the other, and the craft is in ATTI mode[emoji15]! Surprise, surprise, better be on your game (WIND GUST) lmao! Recovered, but now NERVES are shot[emoji20]! Just friendly advise, don't do what I did[emoji16]! Had enough fun for one day, more on the video from the GOPRO should it have survived, def gonna need some editing, my French isn't so well[emoji13]!!
Don't talk so much...............recover the video and show it to us :D

Update! The video is "corrupted" with some sort of code and may be retrievable (video recovery)[emoji6]! Not sure of the GP-H3+ currently in the ICU[emoji20]! Amazing what just a puddle can do, can't imagine a small leak submerged in WATER in the case.. Bright side of things I got parts lol. Anyways you ain't missing anything[emoji13]! $1.00 a view, humor at my cost[emoji16]!! Fly Safe and Have Fun..
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Update! The video is "corrupted" with some sort of code and may be retrievable (video recovery)

If you still have the original puddle video on the same micro card, insert the micro card in another GP-H3+...it will detect the movie clip has not been "closed" properly and often will fix it. I did this with mine when a Phantom 2/GPH4+ took a bath in the ocean for 2 hours, worked perfectly.

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