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Autoflight Logic Demo and How To Videos for Autopilot

Sep 29, 2015
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For those that are looking for walk through videos and demos of how to use the Autoflight Logic Autopilot software, please check out this playlist:

Autopilot Tutorials - YouTube

In addition to an overview video, there are walk through videos of the UI, how to use Focus and most recently the Orbit feature. New videos are forthcoming on Zip Line, Follow, and some of the other modes.

These videos have become a pet project for me - intended to go beyond just showing cool shots of the software, but how to actually do it safely. If there's other things that people want demonstrated, let me know and I'll try and work it into the next video.
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I enjoyed the video's but please remove or reduce the volume of the annoying music, especially if one if goung through a number of them in a sequence. The music is distracting and makes it difficult to follow the video if ones primary language is not English.
I've lowered the volume of the music in later videos - agree that it's overkill. They purchased the rights tot he music from the band so I tried to work it into the videos. I agree that it was a little loud - particularly in the earlier videos...

Glad you enjoyed the videos - hope they helped!
I'm interested in exploring Hyperlapse with Autopilot as well As autoframe (eg. put the Osmo on a stand, run Autoframe and have it take a picture every x seconds, but have it slowly slowly turn).

A very slow Zip LIne or Waypoint could work too I need to try it.

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