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Battery turned on by itself

Nov 7, 2014
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Took 2 batterys out of the case today, put on the table (to charge them) and sudenly after two seconds they both turn themselfs on. I didnt belive my eyes, started to think that maybe i touched button by mistake (but not two battery together). And also i didnt connect the charger.
I had 3 more batterys in the case, immediately i trieid the same with those also, third battery make the same thing (gently took out of the case, put on the table, and it turned itself on after 2-3 seconds). Fourth and fift battery didnt do that, tried many times.
The batterys that turned itself on, after i powerd them off, and trieid the same move again, also stays off.

Little bit confusing!!! I think its not normal?

All five batterys was flown one day earlier down to 25-30% and stored to DJI stock case.
Maybe i am missing something, but i think its not normal, that they turn on by themself, its kind of dangerous.
All five batterys are updated to latest firmware and flown mane times after update.
You have now officially entered the TWILIGHT ZONE[emoji13]! Spontaneous batteries that love the human touch lol...

Def not normal, but very interested to know if it happens again after discharged cycles.. I'd keep an eye on them and stay close by during the charge cycle.. Just in case[emoji6]
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