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Been flying a while but new to the forum

Jan 22, 2019
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St Neot's UK
Hello my name is Kelvyn, just joined this forum been flying for around 5years, started with 3 home builds frames only, and mostly all parts where dji, learnt from watching youtube, forums and any other source. I then moved on to the spreading wings, Mavic, Inspire1pro, and now long awaited Inspire2. with 21 flights now under my belt, my last flight was in icy cold condition with my hands near frozen to my controller and my landing gear refused to lower [which I'm trying to sort and was posted on this forum just recently] no matter what pain we sometimes encounter we always return for a new thill. I have a fare bit to learn about Prores and cinema DNG, I'm use to putting my sd card into my Mac and away you go, luckily I have been using fcp for editing and my cinessd loads straight into it, I had no idea the files were so big, I have 1TB of storage when I start a new project it seems to eat all of this but when I export it get my storage back, might need help with this? all new stuff to me.
I'm glad I found this forum its full of great info, Cheers for now and fly happy and safe Kelv.
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