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Begining to wonder if its worth it

Jan 17, 2015
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After countless problems with other peoples inspires and with all the issues around the launch im begining to wonder if I should cancel my pre order which was meant to be here last week according to an email they sent out but apparently the Europe ones are at a shortage. Anyone else cancel theirs?
Nope, I got one of first batch into the UK, yes there's a few problems/niggles, but of the 10 flights so far the last 3 in ATTI mode, absolutely love it, a whole new ball game compared to the Phantom 2, which I still have and fly. Just my thoughts, cheers Mark
Also remember that people who have problems are more likely to complain/ write about it. I've been flying mine just fine, and aside from a small learning curve (for which I spent nearly 5 hours of flying just 10 feet off the ground to learn the controls) it's been a great bird. Always do your pre-flight and just be cautious, but have fun.
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This beast is awesome. I'm always looking for new places to fly it. The response by people seeing this one is more amazing then the Phantom and they love it.
agree, it is awesome, do not understand what Heller792 complain !! It's a crazy animal inspire1. Going out to fly inspire in the dark no. Are you a pessimist Heller792 ?. I am an optimist. love inspire1. Quit your thread immediately.:):)
I'm an optimist and it's very easy for you to say that seeing as you have yours, my experience has been a terrible one from delays, lack of customer service to just not replying to emails. I hope the inspire is a great machine and I learn to love it but you have to admit it's having issues?
It might be having issues - but nothing that this is this new will ever run smoothly from release to deployment in the field. I agree that the lack of communication etc is no fun but in a few weeks hopefully the issues will gradually iron themselves out. I can only say from my experience... The phantom was amazing... at first... now it is a toy compared to the Inspire... I am sure in the future I will say about the Inspire when the next model comes out.. Evolution / Revolution whatever you want to call it but this is a big leap for me. I would go and do it all over again if I had to.
Agree, I'm just frustrating. I was going to buy an s900 on the day they announced the inspire and because it does everything I want it to do I changed my mind and saved some cash.
The frustration is understandable. There's definitely the downside of the delays and the waiting we had to do, but I think the wait was worth it. I love my Inspire, and I just took it up for it's first actual flight. It's scary taking it that high in the air but at the time its amazing and the images alone before video are fantastic.
I really love the performance, its way too easy to fly and its got some great power. Im trying to tune it to fly more like an rc heli so I don't get too use to something that self corrects. I never had a phantom, but the combination of light bridge, positioning and performance makes me realize how much of a headache they may be to set up to perform the way the inspire does. Youll love it ;)
I waited so much for mine and it was very unpleasent because I payed to a local shop just to have it the next day but it took almost 30 days, but I love it since the day I got it (except the quickrelease prop system which was loose on 2 motors, but fixed it and than purchased self tightening props) .. I have the Inspire since 26 september and fly it almost daily, so far 15 flight hours, 130km flight distance and 115 total flights .. Just LOVE IT ! :)

Also consider a very important advantage that you can setup the camera on the fly, for me being able to set it up in manual mode and set the exposure as I want is a huge advantage.

My opinion : DON'T cancel :)

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