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Best FPV Goggles for someone with glasses using Inspire 1

Dec 28, 2015
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Madawaska Maine, USA

I'm looking at purchasing some FPV goggles to connect into the HDMI out port on my inspire 1 controller. I wear glasses which limits whats available but at the same time I don't want to be stuck wearing a HUGE monitor on my face.

I like the FatShark line of FPV Goggles but was wondering if anyone had used them while wearing glasses and how comfortable / uncomfortable they were.

I'd like something as slimline as possible while at the same time providing excellent quality and comfort (for someone wearing glasses)

Thank You.
Hay stranger! I have used FatSharks with my 250 racers, but recently purchased a set of Cinemizers. All I can say is WOW! I've heard they work better than other goggles with glasses, as they have room between them and your face when worn. Worth considering, in my opinion. If you go FatSharks, I'd recommend the newer Dominators that have the ventilation fan built in, as things could get foggy in there with glasses on!

Good luck
Yeah i saw the Cinemizers but wasn't sure how they would feel with Glasses on.

I don't feel comfortable taking my glasses off and then not being able to look up and see my bird when i need to!! haha
The cinemizers have diopters for both eyes, so in some cases you don't need to wear glasses, just adjust the diopter to each eye. Ive had many fpv goggles and I pick my cinemizers over any of them.

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