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Best Place to fly on the Emerald Coast? (Destin, FL)

Seaside and inlet beach go east on rt 98 to you see rt 30a it a great road go from blue mountain beach to rose mary beach great place I have been going there for 15 years my sister owns some rentals there. Sea side is were they made the movie The Truman show staring Jim Carrey it's a very cool beautiful little beach town. You can't take a bad picture have fun and great time.
Thanks guys. I've been to a SeaSide I wonder how well they accept drones. I'll get to these other places as well.
I would stay away from the amphitheater except at near daybreak. When I flew at the beach I used the Palaya public access just to the east of Seaside. Drew plenty of attention but, again the early morning you will have it to yourself. I flew 3 different video and picture gigs while there for houses and people looked but, no questions.

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