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Brand New Condition Inspire 2 Bundle X5S and More $7,500 Need to sell to Help Mom with Dementia Over $12k Invested.

Jun 28, 2021
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Need to free up some money to move closer to my Mom with dementia who I care for so this is not ideal for me, but sacrificing for those you love is what is needed.

Asking $7,500 for the entire system and will separate a bit if needed, but obviously would like to bundle and call it a day and make a win/win. Buyer pays shipping costs or pickup in Chicago area. I'll accept Zelle, Venmo, PayPal secure but need to know legit from both ends. I will accept credit cards but there will be a 3.5% charge for fees, Visa and MasterCard only. This has been flown literally around 10 times I bet and a replacement from DJI and replacement X5S so totally perfect updated flying well and ready to rock! Have Refresh on everything too for added peace of mind.

Zenmuse X5S
Intelligent Flight Battery (8 Total Batteries all low cycles)
DJI 15mm Lens
Olympus 25mm
Olympus m.zuiko premium 45mm f1.8
Lawao 7.5mm Ultralight
Inspire 2 Remote Controller (1 Total)
4Hawks Raptor SR Range Extender Professionally Installed
Apple Prores License
Inspire 2 CINESSD (960 GB)
DJI CINESSD Station (Thunderbolt 3)
GPC Inspire 2 Travel Mode Hard Case
GPC Soft Backpack Brand New
DJI Inspire 2 Balancing Rings for lenses
Tiffen ND Filter Set (Set of 8)
DJI Car Charger

As you see in my invoice with DJI Arizona where it was purchased it was over $6k for the drone and X5S and refresh for both and two batteries. I added up the rest I purchased like the 3 additional lenses....Olympus 25mm and 45mm and 7.5mm Lawoa and additional 6 batteries and 960SSD and reader and Raptor antenna range extender professionally installed...GPC hard case travel mode...that added up to $5671 in addition to the $6k plus purchase price. This is brand new out of the box perfect new not a knick or sign of wear anywhere on it. I made $3k with it just yesterday it works! I just don't need such a drone and need to free up some case for a big move in my life. I am not giving this away as this complete package which I spent almost $12k on. Again everything works everything is flawless perfect new and everything has Refresh on it for another year which I renewed.

Selling my barely flown Inspire 2 with X5S bundle which includes enough for anyone to do some damage in a beautiful way. I have Refresh too for both the drone and the X5S I just renewed for the last year and is still on it for at least another year with is great for added peace of mind. I have the Pro Res license only for this and for me is more than enough. I have the 960GB Cine SSD which was almost $1700 alone for that little guy! I have Raptor range extenders that was an additional $400 to this remote which really does help. Honestly for such old transmission it really isn't that bad for flying at all.

There is zero wrong with it updated to latest firmware and thankfully flies perfectly unlike the last one I owned. I have an Olympus 25mm, 45mm And DJI 15mm that came with the package. I also have a 7.5mm super wide Laowa ultralight lens which is $500 range too. Basically $1500 in lenses. I have a GPC travel mode hard case which to me is way better than the larger case which allows the camera to stay attached which isn't a good idea anyway.

I have 4 sets of low cycles batteries car charger Tiffen filters and more I have to go through everything soon. Just the lenses and SSD are over $3k let alone pro res license and antenna range extender and so much more. All brand new out of box condition.

If interested let me know and we can talk. Thinking $7k range I am in no hurry to sell, but don't think it makes sense based on not flying it more than I feel I should. I adore this drone though it's bad !


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