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Brightest Light available for Inspire 2

Dec 5, 2019
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Looking for some lighting I can put on the Inspire 2 that would come as close as possible to approximating the look of a police spotlight. It's for a film shoot.
Doesn't necessarily need to be made for I2... I can adapt / clamp / 3d print etc to get it mounted... just needs to be in the weight range and as bright as possible
I am considering one or 2 of those 100,000 lumen flashlights, but would, of course, prefer something more pro

I have mounted 3 of these on my I2 using our lighting mounts

Suptig Video Lighting Dive Light Underwater Lights 72 Led Lights Compatible for Gopro Canon Nikon Pentax Panasonic Sony Samsung SLR Cameras 5 Kinds of Illuminating Colors Waterproof 147ft

Lighting Mount ebay

Or we could create a mount for this monster or similiar for a focused beam (this ones weight 17oz) uses 4 18650s
Flashlights 18000 High Lumens Powerful,18xLEDs,Handheld LED Flashlight Rechargeable with 18650 Batteries Powered Included,Super Bright Torch,4 Modes,P

I live about 50 miles NW of Chicago on a golf course and this one will focus a beam 300 yards awy


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Lume Cubes are the best I've found for an Inspire or a Typhoon. If you google 'lume cubes for dji inspire' you'll find a kit, at Drone Nerds and elsewhere, with good clamps that fit the gear arms and the Lume Cubes.
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I use these in place of Lume

Emart Mini LED Waterproof Portable Video Lighting with 20 Color Gel Filters and Tripod Stand, Dimmable Fill Light on Camera for Smartphone, Drone Photography, Gopro, Osmo Pocket Osmo Action, DSLR (Amazon)

They measure 2000lux at .5meter (and they spec at 900) what do the Lume Cubes measure?

Cost 24ea plus 29 for our mounts less then 1/2 the price of Lume 76 for 2 lights plus mounts.
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I think you should look through the catalog of these products first. There you can choose a model suitable for the characteristics and price. I also love shooting. They usually take place at night. Therefore, I bought myself 5 Modes Vont LED Tactical Flashlight two months ago. Btv, soon I want to create a YouTube channel for myself. Could you give me any useful tips to promote it? Maybe I need to use software to quickly increase them? How can I quickly gain subscribers? I shoot high-quality videos.

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