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Built to Order Quads/Hexacopters

Oct 29, 2014
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New York
Like most of us, I, too, am waiting to take delivery of an Inspire 1----probably not the first DJI distribution of the quad. Will wIt till the bugs are ironed out.

Sooo---rather than sit around here and complain about DJI or speculate as to what might be delaying distribution, I've decided to also buy a smaller quad or hexaxopter with full FPV built to order. Could some of you more seasoned members toss some company names my way of reputable companies I can trust to do this? Thanks. Eddie
Why not do it yourself? You will learn a lot about the kit you are screwing together.

Have neither the confidence nor the knowledge nor do I know anything about soldering. If there were someone in Upstate NY whom I could work with, I'd consider it.

When I read about parts etc., it's like reading a different language to me.

I do understand and appreciate what you're saying, though.

I didn't know anything about multicopters when I built my F550. I just did a lot of reading and then did some more reading and then finally did more reading until I was happy that I knew enough to build something. The first thing you need is a budget, then you can fit your parts around it. Its very easy to spend mega money unless you have a maximum amount of money set in your mind.
If you build say an F450 with the E300 power system then you will have 10 wires to solder. That is all and there are guides on YouTube on how to do it all.
Can you recommend a small quad kit with camera (none of the 2 mp stuff)? I'm thinking not nano, but 5-8" suitable for outdoor flight with 5-10 mph wind. Something in the $500-900 range would be OK. Again, just looking to experience FPV while I await the Inspire.

Thank you for all the time you've taken to respond. Very much appreciated.

I found that "hacking" my original P1, until the threads were stripped and going through many, many iterations, duel batteries, power switching, Vision motors and self tightening props, I can say with some degree of experience, you will learn more about you and your quad than from any, repeat any, "You Tube" video, "how to" post on the forums, etc. I say go for it...build it and learn!
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I'm not sure decent FPV is do-able for that budget without cutting some serious corners. Could you not pick up a second-hand Phantom 2 and GoPro? Then you only need a video transmitter and a screen and you're all set. If that's too much then a Phantom 1 or FC40.
Saying that, I'd build one if it was me. An F450 kit with E300 power system and Naza Lite. Then a transmitter such as the FrSky Taranis, a mini FPV camera such as the Mobius (records too and is pretty good quality), a video transmitter (anything in the 250mW range is fine), some 5000mAh 4S batteries, a charger, and a Black Pearl monitor. You're going to break your budget but you'll have a good craft you can have a lot of fun with.

Have a look at our sister site (www.phantompilots.com) and go to the Other DJI forum on there. Loads of ideas for builds including parts lists etc.
Ok, Coach! Lol. And they call that quad "Inspire!" Lol. I'm going to take your advice. Thanks again. Eddie
i was going to build my own and did tons of research but after seeing the price for all the goodies and then seeing the inspire i decided to wait for the inspire.
there are some cheap little quads with fpv built in i have seen searching amazon..but they are not so easy to fly and basically toys. if you want good video and something decent to fly it won't in the $800 range from what i have seen..quite a bit more.
Maybe just getting a little practice quad with built in display and micro fpv camera would be ok for practice. it would hone your skills..but don't expect to pull decent video.

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