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Can not initialize inspire 1. Shoot coming up. Need to fly asap

Discussion in 'Inspire 1 Help' started by kettlethings, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. kettlethings

    Jun 8, 2016
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    I was practicing flying the inspire 1 at home about a month ago. Everything was great. A train had gone by and I was flying backward to get a pull away shot and then the Next thing I know I heard an audible message came up saying "your getting close to the perimeter of the flight area" (or something similar) I looked up at that moment and all I saw were red and green lights somersaulting to the ground. I was able to find the drone and it was severely damaged. I sent it to DJI. They said. $800 to repair. I said. "Damn it really? I don't think I did anything wrong. Okay, I will pay BUT what the hell happened I don't want it to happen again." The guy at DJI said. "Okay, give us a day or two and we will check the flight data." Me: Okay, cool.
    Two days later they said. "your craft has been warranted" You can expect your new machine in a couple of days.
    I was SOOOO happy and impressed with DJI. I had had the machine for 14 months and it was out of warranty but they sent me a new one right away. Which was great because I had a shoot in NY that I was leaving for in a few days and the client definitely wanted drone shots. I could not believe my luck.
    Before I left on the trip I wanted to practice at home with my new machine. I popped it out of the box and had to initialize it before flight. The app was pre-filled out with one of my email addresses so I went with that and went through all of the steps like control settings etc. Then finally, the last step to initialize it never worked. I tried different emails. I wiped the ipad and started over. I have propped the machine up and put the camera on with updated software eventhough i figured it had the most up to date.
    I spent so much time on the phone with dji. I get the sense that the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing down there at dji.
    I was never able to fly the drone for my shoot. I spent $70 paying for extra luggage bringing it there in the hopes of activating it while in the hotel.
    I am desperate to get this thing flying because I have another shoot coming up and they want the money shots that the drone can provide.
    Can anyone please try to help me? The last thing dji said to me was send it back. I did not because I thought sooner or later this can be resolved at home but now I have my doubts.
    thank you in advance for any suggestions you may have.
    thanks jason
    drone yacht shot from my inspire 1

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  2. rob m

    Jul 22, 2016
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    mine activated fine in the end on the new I pad & app. did you get yours sorted? can you control gimbal tilt as in is your rc linked? you might get some help over on the rcg inspire thread..