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Can you fly with legs down or camera off ??

Jan 6, 2015
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I am thinking of ordering an Inspire but I have read of a few initial light accidents where the camera just snaps off :-(
so whilst I get used to it, or flying low / nearer trees etc can you actually fly the same with the legs down ? does it alter how it flies ? and will it let you fly without the gimbal attached ?

Best regards Carl
Thanks Quad pilot does it alter the dynamics of the flight flying with legs down ?
If it lands hard on the landing gear it will snap that likely.
I was thinking about flying initially without the camera on myself..but something is going to break if it falls and i dont know how much damage it would do if crashed with legs down.
i am concerned that the lift screw mechansim would get damaged as well as the legs and it may be fatal as opposed to just the plate and the camera..which will be extremely expensive i am sure.
That is probably something that we will find out later due to someones bad luck.
Thanks Quad pilot does it alter the dynamics of the flight flying with legs down ?

With the legs down the CG is higher up, making it aerodynamically less stable, sure, but beta testers for DJI have posted in other forums that the craft is very stable even with legs in landing position. The FC is this bird is certainly capable of keeping it stable, it's the pilot that is usually the weak link, so take it easy with your first few flights. Most posters that have flown their birds have reported that it is very responsive on the controls. With time and practice, and judicious adjustment of gains and expo to your style of flying, you'll get it dialed in to your liking. Happy flying. And fly safe! :)
Has anyone heard of or can suggest a gimbal bracket akin to the one made for the vision + to protect the payload? I know it will restrict view but would be great for test flights and taking stills. I'd defiantly buy one..

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