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Can you turn off the ultrasonic sensors? Temp fix found - Tape!

Dec 22, 2013
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I've been flying for around a month now and everything is going well, great upgrade from the Phantom 2, however one thing is doing my nut in, the ultrasonic sensors!
I often want to fly low and just glide along at a set altitude of around 1-2m.
Couple problems -
1 The auto landing gear drop kicks in.
2 Whilst flying straight out from a set height and the ground drops away the inspire self-corrects its altitude and drops as well. I was flying in a warehouse over a number of cars in a row, (in Atti mode) all I wanted to do was stay at the same height but in between each car it dropped then dramatically rose again whilst over the next one.
Can't see anywhere to disable the sensor in the pilot app so I've just taped over the sensors and this seems to have done the trick! I've left the optical one open though.
Anyone else found this? Any other fix you've tried? Surely DJI will add an option in future firmware.

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