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Can't get video correct, need tips

Apr 10, 2015
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No matter what I do, all the content out of the camera is choppy and unusable, do you have any tips as to how to correct this?


Is it choppy and unusable, or is the device you're playing it back on unable to keep up with the data?
I would try playing the content on a "higher performance" PC and see if it still stutters....
My old laptop will barely play video content that my 'video mixer special' i5 quad core breezes thru...
I was replaying the video in FCPX which made it choppy....

Once its exported in 1080 it runs fine, color and exposure are still not what I would like right off the camera but come out "ok" post.

Im on a macbook pro 15 retina.
I would probably agree with that. All my stuff I first shot was in 4k, got it home and it looked like crap. Comp just couldn't handle it. 2008 Macbook, 8GB Ram, 256MB Vid card. I found the highest I could shoot in is about 1080 24fps
Yup, I had a MacBook pro core two duo that could not handle the 4k video. Upgraded to the new 5k iMac w/ core I7 and it works like a dream!
My friend's older PC did the same thing trying to play the 4k video out of the Inspire. I run it on my Mac mini and it is smooth as silk.
My MBPr from late 2013 don´t handle the 4k video either. Using my Windows PC with a 6 core i7 and 16GB RAM instead..
Try transcoding using the DJI Transcoder shareware to covert to ProRes. Much easier for your processor than H.264.mov format the camera spits out.

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