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Carrying Inspire on my Motorcycle

Apr 5, 2015
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Now that the weather is getting better, I've taken the Inspire 1 out on my Gold Wing a few times.

May look a bit crazy, but works quite well. It's a rack that is designed to carry a cooler. It locks into where my trailer hitch goes and is quite secure. Just a bit unnerving not being able to see it while going down the road. I do jump off and check now and again...lol

20150414_200947.jpg 20150414_201000.jpg
I'm looking on modifying the rack I have on my CBR1000RR SP. I already have a Ventura rack system, but the bag is not big enough to fit the Inspire case into it., But I could just strap it to the rack w/o the bag. Would look ridiculous, but I could care less what people think as long as it works and stays put.

I'll post pictures when I have it mounted.

I'm going on a 4 day trip in the smoky mountains and the Inspire would be awesome with some of the things to film and photograph.
Looks sweet... Like others have said, it would suck for your I1 if you got rear ended, but I think the I1 would be the least of your worries... Come to think of it, it could actually be the best thing about getting rear ended... You'd get a whole new Bird from the insurance claim ;) lol

Hopefully you still have your hands and fingers to fly the new little guy though ;) lol... I am just making light of it all, I really hope you never have to deal with that...

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