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Cases and Transportation

Jul 11, 2014
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Does anyone know if the arms collapse to make the craft more compact for transportation? Similar to an S1000 perhaps? It seems very bulky to try to fit in a case as-is.

Additionally- any cases popping up yet?

Mine's on order and I'd like to have a case figured out by the time it gets here! I may just order a Pelican and make it work if nothing pops up soon.
According to reps at the event, the arms don't collape and they are not removable. I wouldnt expect any cases until the manufacturers have had them in their hands for a few weeks.
The camera comes off so easily that could be helpful, although not sure you'd really want to do that every time you get it out.
I communicated with the Tradecraft folks who advertise on this site. Their case is reasonably solid and not overwhelming tank like. They indicated availability about 3 weeks after they get their hands on a bird, higher price (which is understandable) and were curious as to whether I ordered one or two RC's.
According to reps at the event, the arms don't collape and they are not removable.
That's a problem! Why not take advantage of the movable arms to make them fold for transporting? That makes for a very large platform to transport. I like my P2V+ because it can fit in a std size backpack and carried on airplanes. I have an Aspire on order, but I'm thinking I will cancel the order now.
I do wish the arms would have quick disconnects or otherwise be removable or foldable. This thing is pretty big in person. It's just not going to work for a carry on, even with the props and camera removed. It's just too wide and tall. There will be plenty of case options soon.
It will be interesting to see what the 3D Printer folks will come up with for the Inspire. Folding the arms, as mentioned above, would not seem to be that difficult and I would be surprised if DJI did not consider it.
i posted this on another part of the forum but what are these?

I don't think folding arms will be that easy. There's a 4-bar linkage to keep the motors in a fixed orientation throughout the range of motion. Would be hard to have a wide range of motion with the tolerances required.

Anyhoo... the specs show a 301mm height. I'm wondering how this is measured? With the prop arms down, up, or in the middle? From the listed dimensions, the pelican 1630 seems to be the one. And its 16kg empty for a 3kg bird. I already pre-ordered, and hoping I can get it in time before my Maldives xmas vacation. Uber strict weight restrictions in the Maldives, need to find a more efficient way to pack it.
Now we know what the most requested feature will be for the Inspire 2. Without having a unit in hand to evaluate, it's difficult to be certain, but it should be possible to move the pivot points for the arms slightly outward and enable a travel mode (props removed) that moves the arms all the way down and parallel to each other, which could enable a much more compact travel profile.

I'm willing to bet that DJI was working towards this but backed away because of the complications of enabling a travel mode while also guaranteeing the safety of it not happening unintentionally. Adding a travel mode requires more than a bit of added complexity to the physical design and electronics. I don't blame DJI for following KISS and preferring reliability over simplicity of transport.
That looks larger than what would typically be necessary. Most people won't have 7 batteries and 2 controllers. They could fit a single controller on the left where the slot for the monitor is, and the monitor on top where the 4 additional batteries are, and eliminate the 6" on the right where both radios are. Needless to say I'm sure we'll see options like this after it's actually released.
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I'm thinking a Pelican iM2975 would do the job. Available for around $200 USD. I love my Go Professional P2V+ case but the $469 price tag is a deterrent.
Ok, so how in the world do we travel with this on a plane? Is there any chance this can fit as a regular carry-on? I take my phantom everywhere with me and 5 batteries in a case that is carry-on size. Seems like this is not really the case. Any suggestions? Batteries are not allowed in regular checked luggage so it would seem like we need a case for the Inspire that you check-in as a suitcase and another case for the batteries.
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No, impossible as a carryon if the arms are not removable. Max carryon size is typically 22" x 14" x 9", and the Inspire 1 without propellers is 18" x 18" x 12". So there is no way it would fit as a carryon.

Edit: actually, look at at those dimensions, it appears that there is a possibility it could physically fit within the overhead compartment, so I guess it's a gamble if you get flagged or not for the case when boarding.

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