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charging both batteries

The charger comes with 2 cords one for the inspire battery alone,then there is a cord with a pigtail extension to charger the controller and the main battery
so i have been doing both ,the controller charges quicker and there is no over heating
Maybe i worded something wrong here
Also does the operating manual cover setting up buttons on the controller for special functions
thanks for that -- what is the blue dot white trim in the flight record seems to come and go
Oops. I've been doing both at that same time. I was wondering why the charger was so hot! They really ought to put a warning label on the charger for dummies like me ;)
mine doesnt overheat,
i check it every ten mins during charge to make sure though,

has anyone hacked up the cable that lets you run the RC from a battery and made a charger from it? My local places dont have the charger in stock and I need to do a big flight at the weekend :(
I decided to give it a try and cut the cable in half, so I cant charge my handset from a battery now , but I have it on a 24v power supply and it seems to be going well ..... so far

im confident that it will go well, the only possible problem being if the smart battery doesnt limit its own power usage, if that is done in the power supply then im effed as i have it on a non limited 20a supply
having said that, I thought I would rather be safe than sorry, when on 3 lights of charge, it is using 100ma, so presuably balancing only,
a battery on one light of charge is using 3.8a
Ok, so an update, the battery doesnt fully charge on a 24V supply, to be expected really, but the battery realises it isnt charging and turns itself off.
I get the impression its guna take a knock off the charge counter though and not get it full
i used to charge both and put the PSU on a heat absorbing surface and it was always ok. i will do a multi charging box later some time... need more batteries though... have only two 5700mhA and what came with the I1. of course i also need more chargers too...
im making a charging box as we speak, I have three chargers in it, guna put a couple of fans on it as im in a hot environment, and the box will be more or less closed with just two fans in and an exhaust hole,
Im hunting the parts bin for a panel mounted kettle lead socket so that I can just plug it all in with one lead.....

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