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Clear Lens came cracked, DJI wants to replace whole drone

Jan 14, 2015
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Clear Lens came cracked, DJI wants to replace whole drone instead of me mailing just the Camera or the actual Lens piece that has the feature to be removed. I do not understand why I need to send the whole thing!? It would save both parties time and money i would assume if i were to just mail the broken lens and mailed back a new one?!?!
Alright there was a miscommunication/ misunderstanding on my end. It's actually what they call a lens "Filter" that was cracked. We worked that out over email and they overnighted me a clear replacement.
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I pulled my ND filter out of the protective case today and it was shattered! I ordered 4 different 37mm filters off of Amazon for $22. Seemed faster!
Be careful, the threads are not like typical photo filter lenses. I bought some, with in and outside threads, they defiantly don't work.
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Got my Inspire 1 a couple of hours ago. After reading this thread i wanted to check out my filter.. first thing i see was:

Was like "noo, shattered!". But turns out it was just some protective stuff infront of the glass. no damage at all to it. =)
Beware of cheap filters. Usually they are not coated and often have high incidents of glare and lens flare.
You get what you pay for. (Most of the time!!)
I'm a hipster and love lots of lens flare. all my YouTube subscribers enjoy the constant distraction

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