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coastal waterways and homes

Some footage thrown together of this morning's shoot around coastal South Carolina. The second Inspire 1 in a few of the shots is owned by a friend who was flying the same locations with me.
Nice, I sold my house in Hilton Head about a year ago, now living in Aiken.

Enjoy life and be nice
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You might be able to see the camera clamping down on a couple of the shots. I left it in auto mode, rolling 4k 30. I set the white balance to sunny, in an effort to control some of the camera's tendency to hunt around with exposure, color and what not. I am not all that thrilled with the manual mode, which requires the app to obscure part of the screen in order to be active. Also, the aperture settings are awkward and not informative in terms of f-stop. Basically, I think the camera controls need an overhaul in the app. Of course, there are buggy issues like the app not knowing what format or mode the camera is set to (MOV/MP4 and NTSC/PAL). It constantly resets itself, although the camera seems to respond to the setting. At this point, camera control needs work.
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Many thx for the excellent and informative reply. These were similar to my findings as well, though not as in depth nor as in experienced hands. I tried to shoot in 4k 24/25/30 manual using a number of options, it just didn't seem to be what I was expecting, thankfully helped on this forum to go to back to basics and shoot auto and the results are much better and IMHO better than my GoPro H4 Black.

Thanks again. Also love Charleston, was there in the early 80's and up down the Eastern seaboard...Merchant Navy.

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