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Controlling the inspire with a.....ring?

until i see that no one is moving the sticks i call bs. but, im sure all kinds of developers are inventing cool new stuff
Just because you can do it, doesn't make it something worthwhile doing. All the advantages of FPV and on screen display of flight parameters are gone. Fine control of the craft is missing. And what happens if you swat at a fly? Bam, aircraft down! I see this as a total waste, but that's just my opinion.
If you read the story and listen to the 2nd video you'll see you have to activate it by touching a button while using it, so swatting a fly isn't an issue... lol It's a gadget.. can't really see any use at this point, but a more virtual way of controlling the camera gimbal by itself would be much better than joysticks... At NAB this year there were many new options for camera/gimbal controls the best being from Freefly called Mimic.. http://freeflysystems.com/new-products

I used Mimic at the show and I have to say if we can get this type of tech for any UAV camera gimbal it would change how I shoot.

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