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CR or self tightning Props

May 20, 2014
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Palmdale, California
Quick question, I've been reading some posts on both props with issues with both. I'm using the CR props and thinking on going to the self tightening props due to the CR clips breaking. What are you guys using out there? I appreciate your suggestions.

Still flying with the self tightening props and it's still my first set.Over 200 flights and 65 km(40 miles).Absolutly nothing wrong with them
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still with the stock cr props with me... No problem... But I would believe that self tightening props are better....
I have over 30 flights on the QR props with no issues, I check the QR system after each flight. Correct me if I'm wrong, I believe there have been more crashes contributed to the screw on props than the QR props. It's your choice, you will be fine with either system provided you carry out visual checks after each flight.
Perfectly happy with the QR props as well. I check the mounts and the underside of the props regularly and see no wear or breakages. I think you can be confident in either system as long as they are maintained and used properly.

I will say that there's something a little more reassuring about the wind on props and prop locks and if they were more readily available I'd be tempted to go that route but my Inspire came with the QR system fitted and I'm going to continue using it until I hear stories about them failing in flight from trusted sources.
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