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Day one video with the inspire

Feb 26, 2015
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hey all, literally just got my inspire today. Had the p2vp for the year before this.

This was my very first video taken on the Atlantic coast in Clare, Ireland. Just down from the cliffs of moher.

edit - changed it a little and added some music etc. Hope ye like the video

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Wow first flight and straight over the water. looks great and you are brave.
Your quad is insured for damage and loss? Where and how much? Around here no one will cover the repair/replacement of the quad.
It's on my house insurance policy. They will cover it for loss/damage, specifically checked that. It only adds on maybe €100 a year. But that's over here in Ireland. Presumably ye guys have a different setup over there
We looked into insurance like that here in New Jersey and NO WAY would anyone touch loss or damage. We are currently insured for any damage caused by it, however. Lucky you to have that in Ireland!
Very good, I love Ireland. Couple of years ago I came over, from USA, with wife's parents and about 12 of her uncle and aunts, for 10 days, visited the cliffs and even did the approach on a boat from the ocean. Everyone there is really friendly, feels like home, except driving on the wrong side of the road on very narrow country roads.…

Enjoy life and be nice
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You are lucky to get it insured. I asked my insurance and he said the cost is based on the chances of actually needing to pay out. Needless to say they will not cover them.

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