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Dead battery


Feb 20, 2014
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did update and the battery is dead. Won't even charge or light up when I hit the button any ideas
Same thing here. Same battery I used for the update. Worked perfect before, now turns inspire on when inserted, shows 0% in pilot app when it was fully charged for 20 min firmware update. Two middle leds flicker when inserted into inspire but nothing happens when I push the button or try to charge. I just used this battery and all was fine before the update. Thank God my two 48's are fine at two hundred bucks a piece
Hi I flew mine until there was 50% left and landed, all Ok.
checked over the quad the next day, battery dead! I've had to send it back for replacement but what happens if it's still in flight?
dose it just drop! this could be so dangerous, need to know what is doing this. see you tube video for Dji
did update and the battery is dead. Won't even charge or light up when I hit the button any ideas
I bought 5 extra batteries TB48 Series.
Another person posted how to resolve this issue.
Your'e choice...
1. Exercise your'e warranty.
2. Carefully un-clip the white lid of the battery. (It's snapped on front, back and sides) Not too difficult.
The lid is held on by the pos and neg terminals plus a white plug. Carefully disconnect the white plug. Then, reconnect moments later and you'll notice the green LED's come on. The battery is now out of hibernation status. Charge and complete the latest battery firmware update.
The reason I chose to do it this way was because there's no guarantee a replacement battery won't have the same issue.
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I have 5 batteries, X1 TB47 and X4 T48's. I bought the X4 TB48's at the same time in April, and used them all twice. When I come to charge them for the 3rd time I noticed one of them (my No2 battery) seemed to be dead as a door nail. Mine also won't light up when I press the power button, nor will it charge. I fly with my critical battery warning set to 30%, and land typically with 25%-30% left (by the time I've landed) so I know there's a safe amount of power in it (like the others). Apparently its in hibernation mode, and not as dead as it appears to be.

Good News! The latest firware update posted 26/5/15 corrects this from happening. What from happening? According the release note, its main update it to prevent a limited numbers of batteries from "not coming out of hibernation mode when stored for prolonged periods of time when storing less than 40% power". So, our batteries probably aren't dead, they just need the latest firmware released 26/5/15 to stop it happening again.

Bad News, However! Since the battery won't power up in the first place, not even in the Inspire, nor will it charge, theres absolutely no way of installing the firmware update on it to cure it or stop it happening again. So the firmware is just prevention, not a cure.

Result: Since there seems to be an identifiable problem, and a valid warranty, I will still be sending mine off to be replaced. When I hopefully get a new one I will update the firmware immediately (to prevent the new battery suffering the same fate). I'm not so sure about taking it apart myself and messing under the white cover for fear of damaging it permanently, however, if I didn't have plenty of spares ones (or a valid warranty) to keep me going I may have been tempted to give it a go.

Final thought: I just hope its a fairly quick process to getting a replacement.
Hah have had 2 more batteries same issue now drone battery connections appear to be damaged. Very frustrating guess I'm going to have to return entire thing for service . Damnit dji I was just getting used to this thing :(

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