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disable director or cache for android app...

Feb 23, 2015
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hello again,
as i am flying at the moment my system memory gets short on me because the pilot app is making huge .264 save files... i do not know if and how they are used and therefore also do not delete them. my problem is that i do not have yet a dedicated device to fly with and use my phone which has been working good unit now... is there a way to disable this feature which is not working anyway (importing cached files) - freezes my phone and the process stops at 8% most of the time... useless for me at the moment...
another good thing would be if i can move the whole thing to my sd card on the phone so it won't die out on me freezing or the app rebooting or crashing midflight like it did today over the danube...
someone, dji or programmer... if you read this please make it possible to move to sd card or disable the director...

any help greatly seen. - if someone also could teach me on how or what files are not used or backed up automaticaly and i can delete without having issues later... the 1.9gb and 1.4gb files just fill up my phone storage and kill it... would be good to have it on sd... (i am repeating myself)...
thanks to anyone that can help...
Can be disabled in app settings.
The files are only used for editing in the director should you wish to do so.
I personally like it because I can show footage straight away to clients without powering the inspire up or getting the card in a PC though. Also it's kind of a backup even if of lower quality.

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