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on the edge of the city from a three story rooftop - getting up to 988' alt & just under mile radius before transmission signal starts to fail.
At 400 ft. I have flown approx. 3 miles and turned around due to not being sure the battery time would allow a further flight. I did realize after returning at 43% that I could have flown further as I have the DBSMODS ITELITE antennae. I did have full video signal returning from the bird with no glitches at 3 miles. A 5-8 mph head wind was evident and made the trip out there harder than coming back. Nevertheless, I made an approx. 5.9 mile ride there and back.

On my Inspire 1 v1 I with the 1410 coded transmitter I only received video for 1.25 miles before getting broken video signals back from the bird.

The I1v2 with the 1510 coded transmitter allows for 3+ miles of return distance with a strong video signal.
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I've never done a range test, but routinely get 3K feet of strong signal, which is far more than enough.

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