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DJI GO serious video lag

Oct 6, 2014
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Hi guys, I made the jump to update my AC and RC after my dji go app recently auto updated (I know, silly mistake, its now going to be switched to manual updates).

Long story short after the initial dji go update to v3.0 i had TERRIBLE video lag which basically made the flight I had planned impossible. Wasnt able to to do any complex 2 person maneuvers, nightmare.

I had hoped that updating the AC and RC would potentially solve the issues with the laggy video feed but no joy. My DJI go app is now running at v3.0.1 (again hoping this may solve the issues)

The odd thing is, when using my samsung S6 the feed is crystal clear with no lag, but on my Ipad mini its terrible, sometimes as much as 7 seconds between gimbal controller moving the stick and then seeing the movement on the ipad.

Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone else experienced this? I would definitely rather not use our phones as monitors when we have two ipads available.

As always any help would be appreciated!
It's a horrible upgrade they need to stop letting there owners be there testers . Especially when you have an iOS pad . Like to be on 2.8.2 everything worked fine and I don't give a **** about the mavic

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