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DJI Inspire 1 with two remotes

Aug 25, 2015
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Me and my husband have a small photography studio, mainly shooting weaddings, parties, cosplays, etc. So we've decided to replace our Phantom 2 drone with Inspire 1 instead. He found this online store: DJI Inspire 1 Camera Drones where we can get it tax free (no VAT). So my question is: Is there a point of having two remotes (I mean, is it worth the extra money for the second remote, because I've done pretty good job with my Phantom 2 so far) or one pilot can handle the drone and the camera by himself? What exactly the second remote can do in real live situation? Can I use the second remote to control the whole system if my master remote fails?
The 2nd controller is camera ONLY! No emergency failsafe available. It can become a master controller thru programming on the ground.

Thru my experience the 2nd controller moves the gimbal much smoother then the gimbal wheel, and pilot app. It also allows the pilot to be more focused on flying alone. It's well worth it in my opinion.
If you are doing photography, then the second remote is not much use at all.

If you are doing videography, then the second remote can be useful. However:
  • It takes two qualified operators, which might be hard to muster. You and your husband work together, which should make it easier, but the second remote will definitely take one of you away from doing something else.
  • It is very very very difficult for the first operator to fly the drone while the second operator is moving the camera around. I have found that I often cannot look at my screen while piloting, because it shows where the camera is pointing, and not "forward".
But you absolutely don't need a second remote. If you were getting what you needed from your Phantom 2, then you will certainly get what you need from the Inspire.
Agree with all the other comments, just thought i would add that if you are making video's for the client then you can get a smoother and more controlled result with a second controller - but it will also take an extra operator ;-)
If you choose to buy from that company, then please let me know how they are with delivery and transit times, since they could save me a bunch of time to make vat return :cool:
My husband and I decided to buy Phantom 3 Professional + DJI Ronin-M instead that we will use with our a7r camera. The Inspire 1 is too big and he thinks Phantom 3 is the same in terms of video recording. Is there any difference between Phantom 3 and Inspire 1's video quality? Phantom 3 Pro + Ronin-M is cheaper than Inspire 1 with 3 remotes, I think this is better purchase. Will you prove me wrong?

EDIT: We decided to buy the Phantom 3 Pro + Ronin-M and we order them yesterday (02.09.2015). We live in Celle, Germany. I will you an update when it comes.
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