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DJI Inspire 2 X5s vs Evo 2 Pro Non-Scientific Low Light Comparison

Feb 19, 2017
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Baltimore, MD
That's a very interesting test. I think with post production the Evo could really be even nicer looking. The X5S with tweaks in After Effects or Premier, etc,. would be nicer also. I'd bet there is some data there in those deep blacks that could be opened up a little.

How hard was it to get a waiver to fly at night? I've tried in the past without luck. Any tips there would be useful as well.

Thanks for showing your test.
May 20, 2018
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So glad to see you post this. Autel makes some amazing cost effective stuff and not to have to deal with some of the limitations of other manufactures is refreshing. I would have loved to have seen the I2 stopped down just one stop from wide open at a slower shutter speed than the of a 40th of sec., as I think it optics would have performed better than shown. I also as just a personal preference with my I2 when I am not shooting raw, I use Cinelike with -1 on contrast and either 0 or +1 on saturation depending on the subject. There is a lot more data in those files you shot, probably from both cameras. I know when I have gone into my I2 footage it never fails to amaze me even in just H.264 not even DJI LOG or raw. Let us not forget either the X5s amazingly has RAW Video as an option. My only problem with the beautiful Autel footage to be honest, is the shadows are so "lifted" in appearance it loses some of the more natural gradations in the shadows that are conveyed when you have some true blacks. But this is just subjective. So wish the Autel had interchangeable lenses or gimbal/camera choices of a true set of lenses. Either way with some tweaking on either footage you have something very deliverable. Thanks for sharing.
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