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DJI Inspire ND Lens Cases - Hard Plastic

Jul 29, 2015
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I make and sell hard plastic cases to protect ND filters for the DJI Inspire of my own design for 8.50 AUD.
The price listed is for each case (1 full case only) which consists of 2 halves that screw together.
I 3D print these items in PLA plastic. It takes 90 minutes to print 1 full case so I make them on an order by order basis.
I make cases that are numbered/labelled (see pics) for the Polarizer (P), ND 2,4,8,16,32 and 64. All you need to do is add a bit of 6mm foam (not supplied) and away you go.
Email me if you are interested and remember to state very clearly which cases you would like and how many of each. Be very clear on this.
I accept paypal or direct deposit and packaging⁄postage costs (a few dollars max within Australia) are born by you, the purchaser.
Please note that when you receive the items, it is suggested to cycle it a dozen times or so by screwing and unscrewing them together. This makes for smoother operation of the case as there are slight burrs and furry bits that naturally are formed during the printing process and it takes a few goes to get rid of these. On own my personal ones, I sprayed a very small amount of PTFE dry lubricant (available at most hardware stores) and now they operate smooth as silk.
You must email me first before ordering or paying.
Check out my other ad for 'Parabolic Reflecting Range Extender for DJI Inspire / Phantom 3'
[email protected]


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