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Nov 28, 2016
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Gateway City
While it's fresh on my mind, I thought I'd share if some of you are considering attending. Now allow me to preface that these are my opinions and observations. Others may have experienced quite a different .... academy.

What I took away from part 1 9:30 to 12 noon. Dji phantom history, Randy's success as a photographer and Stacy's love for whale photos. They both seem passionate about the art of photography but oration is not one of Randy's strengths. Stacy is both well spoken and a no bs lady that's refreshingly matter of fact.

We were greeted by Stacy at registration given the usual prepared name lanyards in addition to packets containing AMA apps and drone training material, a slick color printed course catalog with discount coupons from Adobe, DJI, Multicopter Warehouse and several other major players in the industry. A 62 page keeper.

Now after lunch we got to the focus of my attendance, Lightroom and Photoshop!
This is where Randy shined!
His knowledge and sincere concern that you grasp the use of the tools is as good as many I've seen. He made sure to include PC and Mac shortcuts. In the confirmation email after paying It was encouraged that you download the trial versions of the software if you didn't already have a CC account so you could follow along. Well it appears that some of the trial software was more functional than others so bear that in mind.

I won't steal his / her thunder or be a spoiler but my AERIAL stills just progressed to the next level. Ansel Adams? perhaps not. Better ? Without question. They made no promises about video and offered that many of the techniques are mutually applicable but reiterated this was a PHOTO academy. I respect not being bs'd.

So based on this new nature of this venture I predict it will only get better as they progress. Randy will become a better presenter of his vast knowledge and Stacy will support him. I will admit that out of the blue Stacy solved an issue with my I1 with the green bars and inconsistent connectivity. Yes I had selected AUTO instead of CUSTOM in the TX setup. Came home made the change and the I! is flawless again. flyers Operators.

So would I spend the $149. early registration again? Yes.
Would I pay the full price $179.? yep.
ymmv and if you want to know more the FB page DJI Aerial Photo Academy and know that Stacy is pretty good about answering emails.
And here is the website: Home - DJI Aerial Photography Academy

fwiw I was not asked, encouraged, or influenced to write this and received no compensation consideration or other gratuity from DJI or the Academy.

b well
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Wish you had posted this back when it was in Madison (far closer to Milwaukee than Texas is ;) ) I might have thrown down on it. But with travel time to Texas or the Kalifornia, meh, no. And its sad. Not one weekend in the list of dates.
Thanks for digging up this thread ;) Otherwise I didn't know this existed. There's one in DFW in a few weeks, may look into going. Only problem for me is it's a weekday...

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