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DJI Selling ND8 & ND16 filters

crappiest filters I have seen so far, I wouldn't take them for free since my media matters to me and my clients, nuff said!
Renaat Filters I have been using the last 8 weeks blow away anything DJI will ever put out.
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Does anyone happen to have a video to share with the Renaat ND16 filter, even better one that compares the Renaat and DJI filters? Thanks.
What is the size of the filters and where did you buy the Renaat filters?
over 30 bucks? wow, i'll stick with the 2 it came with thankyou gooday.

$30 is too rich for your blood? lol
(This coming from a guy who just spent 5k on an Inspire outfit) - :rolleyes:

I use the renaat n32 on sunny days with outstanding results, I'm very pleased.
My sunny day vids with the dji n8 used to look like your vids do now, and I was very disappointed.
I ordered the SRP kit. I like the potential offered by the circular polarizer. Hopefully, I won't be disappointed - they don't come cheap.
Just got srp nd8 circular polarizer. Did first flights in midday sun and they were too dark for 120 fps. Still minus 1 exposure at 60 fps. Shooting at 1080p60 100 ISO.

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