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DJI Service - still fighting

Oct 12, 2016
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Been fighting with DJI service for three weeks. New Inspire Pro, 2nd day out had issue with camera. Landing was a little hard, but no harder than any I have had on Phantom 2 which I have flown for 3 years. Sent camera in, issue was loose gimbal at top rotation point. DJI sent back a repair estimate. I spent 4 days on chat and phone arguing that it is new and should be warranty. Finally gave up because I need it back to perform a commercial job. Asked about expediting shipping and was told they do not air ship, ground only. Total time from send off to return 15 days. Camera arrived back Monday and is in same shape. Gimbal still loose. Called DJI and they "escalated" the return with 2 day air shipping (remember they can't do that last week?) . After DJI received it back again, analysis I received ANOTHER repair estimate. Have been online but cannot call because they are closed today. The reason I bought Phantom Pro was for it being a solid robust machine, and DJI customer service. So far neither have held up as true. Very disappointed with their service, response, and follow through. If you get something back for repair, get it right the first time. DJI needs to realize that many of us are using these to make a living, and if they hinder that we will find other options. Would be great if DJI allowed their service centers to do warranty work. Would be much more convenient to send to closer facility.
Sorry about your experience. I've had two mishaps with my x5, both times it broke at the yaw plate. They don't sell the parts, the parts all together are less than a hundred bucks, but they'll charge 65 bucks an hour for 3 hours to fix it. But as far as reliability, my luck hasn't been as bad as yours, camera only breaks when it's my fault.
I got my Inspire 1 Pro Black back from repair after waiting a month, it crashed due to a malfunction and it was covered fully under warranty, when I got it back only one problem , they didn't send me a lens! Been fighting with them for two weeks about sending me a lens! Finally I couldn't wait so I bought a 799.00 Olympus 12mm. Who knows if thy will ever send me my 15mm back.

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Sent my inspire 1 to DJI under warranty, as there was a problem with the image transmission. They fixed the problem, but sent back the inspire without the camera. Fighting with them for a couple of weeks, eventually they said they would send a replacement. Then that person stopped answering me, and a new person stepped in and said that it had never arrived with camera. Eventually just had to go and buy a new camera as had a job to do. Still owed a camera by DJI. Worst customer service ever!!!! Why can't someone else make good drones so I don't have to deal with DJI!!
Update, Repair was "expedited" on Tuesday. Told now only 3 - 5 business days to get repaired. Then will have to ground ship it next week. If I am lucky may have it in 2 weeks. Absolutely ridiculous.
I thinks we all should go on the Dji forum and Facebook to alert all dji customers how bad there service is. Complaining here dose very little if the decision makers at DJI are not listening. Just a thought

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Have any of you guys asked to speak with a supervisor? I've had to call them several times on issues, spoke to a supervisor, and they always fixed my problems with little to no hassle, and they were US based at the repair center. I give them 8/10 compared to the standard support service quality of like 3/10

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I agree and might have jump the gun a bit. But we should have to go thru a supervisor to get a legitimate problem resolved .

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I agree and might have jump the gun a bit. But we should have to go thru a supervisor to get a legitimate problem resolved .

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Oh yeah I agree. I've just made it accustom for when I call them ask to be forwarded to a Supervisor in LA, and they usually put me on hold for about 10min or so, and then it goes very smooth from there.

But yeah, I believe it's because DJI global sets he guidelines for the standard support, and DJI USA seems to have more sympathy and understanding.

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