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DJI Service??????

Feb 17, 2015
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Bought a brand new Inspire and had issues right out of the box. I never had one flight with it. The issue is "Weak" or "No RC Control Signal" warning that comes on even though the aircraft is 4 feet from the controller. Dealer said I had to ship it back to DJI. As of tomorrow, they will have had it for two weeks. I've emailed several times to check on the status of the repair but no response. My Inspire is in for repair because of a DJI issue, not because I flew it into a tree. Why can't they at least let you know where in the queue you're at. The website has said only that it's checked in and awaiting the technician. If any DJI folks are on this, my RMA # is RMA:2271523810243

I can't even get that far with them. I was told when I called in to get my RMA number (after holding for what seemed like half the day) that I would get an email with instructions on how to log in to the website. The only email I got was an email telling me the same thing. How did you log in to the website? I sent my inspire in for repairs almost 2 weeks ago after a crash and I haven't heard a thing since. I know they received it because I used FedEx who verified delivery. When I called today, I didn't even get a chance to hold for an hour. A recording simply said they were experiencing a high call volume and that I should call again later. I really like this company's products but their repair/service division rates under a 1 on a 1-10 scale. If a competitor offered a similar product, I would buy from the competition for that reason alone. I have the same request as NorthStar. If there are any DJI folks out there, my RMA# is RMA:3415240104367

By the way, DJI could easily solve their overload problem if they would simply ship parts to their retailers. STC NYC Electronics in New York has always been Johnny on the spot and fixed my Phantom last year without delay. I didn't have to hold and a human being answered the phone.
Flown my inspire for weeks with no problems. Changed out the battery yesterday and repowered up and the gimbal just went haywire. Called tech support in Cali and they said to send it in and three weeks for them to look at it. Spending this kind of money for the unit to be down and shipped around that long is ridicules! Very upset!

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