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DJI Tech Support Experience

Jan 20, 2014
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OK...this is probably nothing new, but for anyone sending in their Inspire or camera unit to DJI it will be a reminder of what to expect from DJI.

On 9/29 we were shooting a job in eastern Washington and our Inspire X5R requested a firmware update for the camera. We decided not to fly it without the update so used our spare P4 for that days shooting. We then went back to our remote base, downloaded the firmware and attempted to install it, which failed. The camera just wouldn't recognize there was an update, so as a result no text file, etc., etc.
We spent time with DJI tech support on the phone & they were very pleasant, but didn't come up with a solution. We filmed with the "firmware upgrade needed" Inspire, but the pans were very jerky, so we made do with what we could film.

Talked again to tech support for a couple of hours and eventually it was decided we needed to send DJI ithe X5R camera unit with lens. We shipped it to them on Friday 9/30 Seattle to California, so it was checked in by the following Thursday, 10/6. Don't have a clue why it took them so long to check it in, since normally it's no more than 2 days to get something to California.

They returned the camera on October 27th. We personally think 3 weeks is way too long for a professional product to be out of service, but was resigned to this fact of DJI service.


The camera was returned without the lens, with no cap on the camera itself so sensor was not covered, also the cap to the aircraft connection was missing. We called and eventually spoke to a manager who said he'd expedite the return of our lens, but it will take 5 days for them to find one if available (in theory they have our lens... shouldn't it be available?) We heard nothing in 5 days so called again, spoke to another manager who again said he'd look into it, but it would take 5 days to get it organized.

Eventually, after a third call to a manager, we received the lens on November 14th.

Are we being unreasonable to be dissatisfied with this service...I think NOT!

I must add that all three managers were extremely pleasant, the third actually seemed disgusted with the service we received, but it didn't seem to speed up the return of our lens.

On the high side the camera still says it needs an update and when we called tech support they insisted that it was fine to fly and the version of firmware we were using was indeed the newest version and didn't know why it still had a firmware update required.

We really like this camera and aircraft, but hoping we don't run into any more issues requiring tech support.

Thanks...Jim & Kelly Watt
You're not the only one that has received less than they've sent in.
I discovered that my RC was missing when mine returned. The replacement unit they sent was faulty and almost resulted in crashing my bird. A lot of luck and some skill got it safely back on the ground.

The replacement RC they sent for the faulty unit seems to be ok but you have to wonder how they handle all these returns. You'd think they'd question their procedures with all the spare parts they have left over.

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