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do i need to upgrade?

Mar 28, 2014
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i fly Phantom 2, H33D with GoPro4 and i like it, the only thing i don't like is my boscam TS832, no matter what i do i can't make it work properly and it gives me terrible scan lines after 4-5 hundred meters, but other than that i love picture quality and the whole setup in general. Will i get better picture quality from inspire camera? all samples that i've seen online, including files for download on DJI site, don't look as good as my gopro4. Is here anybody who used to fly setup as i have and upgraded? any thoughts? Can anyone who owns inspire get me a few seconds of footage shot in normal light with zero sharpness in Log mode, if this is not too much to ask?
i would greatly appreciate the effort, and i bet i am not the only one who would love to have that sample.
Many thanks!
My boscam p2 set up is great, crystal clear, super far, you might try a spironet helical ant. I would say if your happy with the gopro, no need to switch. I like the gopro 4k image, but hate the lens distortion, and that's one of the main reasons I got an inspire. Mine is in transition, or I would give you some footage.
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I'm planning to play around with log mode on my next flight so I'll upload some footage when I have it.

Ultimately you're the only person who can decide if its worth it to upgrade. That being said there are a few reasons I went with an Inspire over a Phantom/GoPro. Being able to switch between photos and video modes without having to land and change the settings on the GoPro is huge plus. Raw photos are a huge plus. Manual control of camera settings and a second operator controlling the camera puts it in another league for me. I think that long term the Inspire is a better platform than the phantom.
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In most instances the inspire camera is as good or better then the go pro. But that's where comparing the to ends. The inspire is a much more capable flier compared to the phantom. More stable faster agile and can fly in much harsher conditions. And as stated the control over the camera settings in flight and other options are night and day above. A phantom. End of the day if your happy with what you have stick with it. If you want another tool in your tool box. Then get the inspire. It's a great tool.
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I'm in the process of obtaining an RPQ-s licence here in the UK so I can fly commercially, this is required by law here for "paid work" or "material gain" I think the phrase is.

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