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Drift on our Inspire

May 1, 2016
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Hi gang,

We have been having issues with drift when we fly at slow speeds. It cannot hold a straight line with drift up to 7 feet at times. At faster speeds there is no issue we can see. I was told to set the bird to ATTI fly it just a couple feet off the ground so the sensors lock on. I was told at that point if you have drift it is an inspire issue. We have severe drift in ATTI when close to ground. Can anyone tell me if I am correct on my concern? Drift occurs in ATTI when only 2 feet off the ground is this a broken bird? All firmwares are up to date.

Thanks smart people,
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I'd reccomend doing a full IMU calibration, making sure the Inspire is perfectly flat and level when doing so - preferably away from heat / cold / magnetic interference sources. use a spirit level and wedges under the landing feet to ensure the motors are level fore & aft, port / starboard and on opposing diagonals before performing the calibration this will ensure the planes of the rotors are correct when you do the calibration...
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Thanks for the replies guys we have done a full IMU calibration already no luck. I think we need to send her into the shop. Sure appreciate the help.

Update: Spoke with DJI today and they asked to have the bird sent in for repairs. I will report back when we get her back.
Sorry to bring this thread back after so much time, but it would be really great to know how this case developed after sending the bird to DJI?

We are having really severe drift issues and I am scouring the forums to try and resolve them. I see alot of people have had this problem for a few years now, but none of the solutions I have come across have fixed the issue (and that seems to be the case for quite a few other birds).
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Sounds like Ground Effect to me. Get the bird up over 15 feet and see if it settles in. I had the same 'issue'.

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