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dual remotes

Nov 26, 2014
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has anyone got experience using dual remotes , just what camera control do you have besides panning up and down and exposure control.
I guess I am asking what the difference between having it and the first remote operating the camera.
Is it just that the camera op will not affect the inspire flying?
Not sure if that's worth while now that I have one remote and one coming
Anyone with experience........
I got dual remotes and they are really recommended for more complex camera movements, if you have a cameraman with whom you can practice often. This allows the pilot to fully concentrate on line of sight (LOS) with the aircraft, which I find extremely important, especially when manoeuvring.

I've customised camera remote to control pan/tilt (yaw/pitch) on the right stick and roll on the left stick. Now cameraman can compensate easily for the camera sometimes going off horizontal. Also important to reduce the gimbal gain to slow down camera movement.

Having said that, it's still going to take good coordination between the pilot and cameraman as well as lots of practice to get smooth looking results.

I also find the second remote great for introducing people to aerial cinematography ... they can get a feel for it without the risk of touching the flight controls at first.
Having said that, it's still going to take good coordination between the pilot and cameraman as well as lots of practice to get smooth looking results.

Correct, I know with my guy, I'm constantly talking with him.. It take great team work to get those shots right.
Thanks a lot,when the inspire was first advertised I thought it would be like my phantom2 fpv for flying and the gopro for video taking
So I figured the inspire would have 2 cameras one fixed for the pilot and the other variable for the camera person which could be the pilot
if hovering.
well that's not the way it is and for the extra ipad air and the extra remote its not doing what I wanted ,but that could change possibly
by adding a camera.
I ordered the extra remote but it did not ship out on my order and I have purchased the extra ipad air which I have not opened
I think I will cut my loss with the extra remote and return the ipad air and regroup my thoughts.
Thanks for telling me what the extra remote does ,guess I dreamt a bit
Hi, we are also waiting for the delivering of the second remote. We will get it this week. Can anybody tell me about the possibility of control the gimbal also horizontal? I mean, with the basic remote you can move the camera just vertical ... up and down. Beside this there are some options by the app. We are doing 360 panoramas. So we would need to keep the drone in place and just move the camera in X% steps 360 degrees. In addition to this I was wondering if anyone knows a programmer who already is programming apps for the DJI pilot. For example, a sequence which does all those necessary steps to take the images for a 360 degree panoramic automatically. Thanks for attention .. hope can get some input from you guys.
You can control all 3 axes with the 2nd remote.
You can also control the gimbal horizontally with a single remote, you just need to program one of the C buttons to switch gimbal tilt/pan.

And the SDK is not available yet, so no 3rd party apps for now.
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Hi Kilrah, thank you for your helpful and fast response. How is it actually with the horizontal movements of the camera ... are they controllable ... I mean, can I do baby steps with it. I might need to take 12 images to get enough material for a full 360. That requires 12 small steps ... if possible all with the same degrees. Are those steps controllable? I think, at least by lowering the speed of the movements with the app. Any idea?
Any idea when they support the solution to program 3rd party apps?
I forgot something. I would find it extremely helpful if people with experience would offer an intro to new owners. I mean, a list organized by the home base of experienced DJI pilots which are willing, for a certain amount of money of course, to teach new owners how to fly and to handle their new baby could be very helpful. Just a thought. Somebody might take it!?
You control pan the same way as tilt with the wheel.

No estimate on SDK availability, I think they said "spring" at some point bit as usual with DJI I wouldn't give that much value.
I believe some people and sellers already offer courses... But the complexity is geographic spread. I'd gladly do it, but I'm probably about on the other side of the world ;)
Likewise for me as well...I'll gladly help out anyone in the souther Alberta region. I'd have to get more batteries for my little Phantom though...no way would a rookie touch my Inspires...lol...
Yeah ... looks like. In the moment we are in the Dominican Republic and Florida. Even by your profile image I can see the different ;-)

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