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Enquiry re: Creation of Payload mechanism device & Yarom's thread

Nov 13, 2021
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I am new to this forum and apologise for enquiring about the details of a very old thread but "its an itch I have to scratch". I have a variety of drones (Phantom, Mavic, Airs, Minis, Skydio) but the ones mostly used being from DJI and also a Sprydrone from Swellpro. As you all know none of these small portable drones have a known extra receiver channel to allow a payload release mechanism, which is a shame as they do have a surprisingly reasonable load capacity.

I would very much like to make, or be in contact with someone who can build a self-contained servo-release, Rx and battery arrangement to be carried by a drone and a simple push-button transmitter that can be velcroed to the side of the RC transmitter.

On 16 June 2018, Yarom presented the details of such a device but no-one picked up upon asking of the details of his build, and the details of the parts (particularly the transmitter). Could I dare ask about such specific details and whether Yarom upgraded the transmitter technology ( the 2 channel? pushbutton transmitter looks like it has a telescopic aerial) since then

I would like to further ask if anyone knows of a hobby manufacturer who has commercially produced such a niche product to fill the void....
There are a few options out there for ex
Which comes with a dedicated remote for the release but the range is limited, not surprisingly.

I’ve used this one, it’s activated using lights so you need to attach a sensor at the light, but very reliable compare to the one above.
Amazon.com: PeleusTech Release and Drop device for DJI MAVIC PRO for Drone Fishing, Bait Release, Payload Delivery, Search & Rescue, Fun Activities, Ring Thrower : Toys & Games

Even tho both are designed for smaller drones, I don’t see any issue custom mounting on bigger drones. Obviously you need to extend the sensor cable for the second one.
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