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Evaluating Slightly Used Inspire - How?

Jul 13, 2015
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Currently flying 2 P2's and looking to jump to the i1. I have located one that according to the listing has less than 25 flights on it. It comes with extra batts, etc and the price is definitely right. Being that I have never even flown one or seen one in person, is there something I should look out for that screams red flag? Anything I should be aware of? I am OK springing for a new one but figured I'd at least kick the tires here.

Thanks in advance for the help.
I bought a used one for a backup that was flown about the same. If you can fly it and check it out I would say go for it. Join DJI Inspire 1 owners groups on FB and there's guys who repair and have spare parts. I wouldn't buy any used one if I couldn't fly it or see it fly..period.
Thanks. Definitely would give it a solid test flight and switch between modes, etc

Any other insight?
buying a used inspire isn't a bad idea to save 1000 bucks and i would think by now replacing hardware parts can be done by people other than the factory, even yourself. there is one major catch. if the software glitches out your f'ed. DJI has fixing software glitches on lock down and to my knowledge there is no way for a owner to factory reset anything to fix it.

if you can get a copy of the original recipe and the original owners name you might be able to pose as the original buyer and send it in for dji to fix under warranty. if not then your S.O.L. because dji are the only people who can fix software glitches with the remote, batteries and air craft. under normal circumstances your going to get stuck with the bill paying dji to fixed a inspire you bought used because you need proof of purchase new when you send it in.

your risk is the price of the used inspire plus the cost of paying DJI (the only people who can fix the inspire) adding up to more than then what it would be just buying a new one. i dont know what they charge when the problem isn't covered but i would guess you would pass the break even point pretty quickly with something simple(everything about the inspire is over priced)

if there are people out there that have found a way to break into dji's app software and factory reset the hardware please pm me with their contact info so i can turn off those no-fly zones that kick in 100 miles from anything in the middle of no where.

my point is while the thing is operating normally buying a used inspire is great, but once something goes bad software or hardware(and i would say there is a 50/50 chance this will happen eventually) you either have to deal with dji and play their game or roll the the dice with some stranger in his basement you trust with a 2000 dollar aircraft who found a way to hack the software.

maybe at some point when the i2 comes out dji will chillax on the inspire 1 and open it up for owners to fix problems their selves. as it gets old it will get cheaper. if you can preserve a used i1 till that day then yes you could save some bucks.
OK this is what I was talking about... Software versions/manufacturing dates, etc

The one I am looking at was purchased in March 2015, so you do the math on the manufacturing date. Are there any known issues I need to be worried about in this timeframe?
as far as i know there are 2 different versions of the inspire, A and B and the difference is in the carbon fiber arms, the B has the more traditional style woven shiny pattern you see on cars and the A is less glossy plywood style pattern(what i got). performance i think they are the same. someone posted a thread on here about it and had 2 very nice pictures of the differences.

other than that its my understanding all inspires are using the same parts for hardware. the software is also identical on all inspires. the construction date doesn't mean a thing.

does this mean all inspires behave the same? only if its snowing in hell.
the glitches come in because there are so many devices (tablets and phones) that can run the app that dji cannot possibly account for all the combinations. androids and IOS's all with different OS's of their own on different firmware versions and then it goes down to what has each person done specifically to their tablet that could mess with the dji pilot app's ability to function. the dji pilot app uses just about every feature on a tablet to function, wifi, gps, blue tooth, camera, video player, everything. if just one of those is effected by another app or spyware from porn then i think the odds of a inspire crash go way way up.

DJI seems to be catering toward apple's tablet as they have the flight simulator but who gets the new features in firmware updates first seems to be flip flopping between apple and android devices. i do know the auto pilot people are working on apple first before android gets it. personally i have 1 galaxy tab 4 and a ipad mini 2. the stability to run the app of each (for me anyway) does not stay the same as firmware updates seem to either make the app either more stable or more prone to crashing in flight. i think just about everyone on here would agree with me where the rare few have zero issues and have never had the app crash. if the app does crash in flight(and this seems to be happening to me more and more with new firmware updates) it's easy to start up again and the aircraft doesn't notice. both my tablets do nothing but run the dji pilot app, nothing else is installed.

if anything i would argue that the tablet or phone you decide to use to run the dji pilot app software has the biggest bearing on how well your inspire performs and not the inspire it's self. ask dji what device they think is the best to running the pilot app and get that one and prey that tips the odds in your favor enough to prevent a crashed used inspire.
I just got mine today from Amazon and the label with B. Before I return it, Is there an electronic or motor difference between version B and D. Is there a significant difference in performance?
I just got mine today from Amazon and the label with B. Before I return it, Is there an electronic or motor difference between version B and D. Is there a significant difference in performance?

The only difference that I've been able to discover is the mechanical connection from the screw to the arms. You shouldn't notice a performance difference.
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