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Feb 23, 2015
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Qingdao, China
A big day is april 11th !
The reason I make a new thread after "ND FILTER 8 or 16 ?"

2 hours ago we received the first sample. As my DJI-ND was broken by sending to the factory (see previous thread) the director was so kind to send me a new "and better" one.
3 grams !! super coating on glass !! For the stronger ND's it will be same glass with stronger coating.

Next step: make contract, money deposit and production, finally !

Thanks to all fellows to encourage to go to the end,

Herewith the first photos taken late afternoon:

We agreed by telephone call (will be made on contract during next days) the following, knowing that we deliver perfect quality: "double" coated, interior and exterior on glass, with special aluminum light weight frame screwing on the DJI 4k camera with same 37 mm thread, 3 grams. For your information the price in China at DJI store for a clear and an ND4 = $ 40,20 USD excl. transport.
We plan a set of:
ND8 (-3 stops), ND16 (-4 stops), ND 32 (-5 stops) for the price of $ 41 USD + fast transport by air $ 28 = Total delivered at your home for 69 USD. We also will have a stock of ND4 (-2 stops) that can be added for $15 USD in case you have a broken DJI one, or if you want a whole set of same quality filters. On special request we can produce a ND64 (-6) for the lucky persons who are living in ultra sunny places.

We expect delivery of the set and the ND4 at our place in Qingdao (China) april 22th. Before end of april you will be able to use them for the sunny days coming.
We are very pleased with the result and being able to help all Inspire1 flyers to get reasonable shutter speeds and more cinematic videos.
Our investment has no commercial goal and is only to help for better quality video on the Inspire1 and on request of a large group of Inspire fans, as myself.

Best regards and thanks for the support,
further information: [email protected]

In all honesty I for one wouldn't blame you one bit if you wanted a commercial goal out of this, not only did you beat major (or more well known) competitors to providing a set of nd filters for us, you took all the proper measures to source out a supplier that can build a nd filter at 3grams so we don't have to worry about messing up the gimbal as well as maintaining quality. So digital high five and seriously take my **** moneys!! I think it's entirely generous of you to be helping us all out like this.
I also will be after a set and being one of he lucky ones would be enquiring about the price of the ND 64.
Great work Rainbowers...

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