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Finally Getting help from DJI Support

Dec 5, 2019
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It's a long long story, but basically the synopsis is:
DJI Support removed my very expensive ProRes / CinemaDNG licenses from one of my Inspire 2s and won't give them back. Also, they removed my expensive antenna mod from my controller and I can't get any help getting it all made right. It’s been 8 weeks so far that I’ve been calling and emailing with them about this constantly. They are slow to respond and never seem to be aware of the case history. Oh... and you can only speak with someone in China... you can NEVER speak with a technician here at the Cerritos service center and you can NEVER find out why or how they decided to replace all of the boards in your drone and why it still doesn’t fly right.

So I finally made a video (
). And within one hour of posting it, I got a response on both FB and YouTube from DJI and they have supposedly put me on with their "Head of Repairs"
So, we'll see... I'll keep you posted...

Meanwhile, I need to get my remote re-modded with quick connectors so I can use my ground station.
Anyone have someone they'd recommend for this kind of thing?
Nice post and thanx for the heads up. I, too, have found that YouTube videos seem to carry a lot of weight. I went in circles with Stellar Phoenix video repair tool and got nowhere until I made this video:

Then they called me nearly every day for a couple weeks offering to help in any way possible and asked me to remove the video from YouTube. I told them to fix their software and I would remove the video immediately. That was years ago.

Good on you, man. Don't take their crud sitting down.

Now...about your composition....<;^)

UPDATE: After many many months of round and round with DJI, they finally came through.
Here's a video update:
Here's the consolidated saga with more of the detail:
  • Feb '21: one of my Inspire 2's (I2 Prime) starts malfunctioning while I'm shooting on Top Gear America (this one had ProRes and CinemaDNG) so I send it in for repair
  • I explain to DJI that I'm a pro working on a TV show for BBC Worldwide and Motor Trend and ask them to please transfer the ProRes license to my backup I2 while I2 prime is in for repairs... they say no
  • I2 Prime comes back from repairs ($1400) with NO ProRes and CinemaDNG license
  • I begin asking them to put the licenses back on the newly repaired drone. They don't because they say I have to PROVE I had the licenses.; I had bought I2 Prime used and couldn't show proof of purchase for those licenses, but I explain that, of course, they could see that it was on the mainboard they removed from the drone.
  • Next, I realize that I2 Prime is still malfunctioning (erratic flight) and have to send it back in
  • Now I again ask them to put the ProRes and CinemaDNG licenses on my backup I2... they say no
  • It's now March / April
  • I have an accident with my backup I2 and it is totaled. I buy a brand new I2.
  • Day one with that brand new I2, the battery mechanisms and power button are not right... keeps throwing errors all day long... will have to be sent in.
  • I2 Prime comes back finally properly repaired but still no ProRes / CinemaDNG.
  • April 27 - I release a video detailing my experience (
  • 5 minutes later, a manager from DJI reaches out. This begins a slow process of dealing with many different people, but at least some of them are here in the US and can actually help me.
  • Within about a week I have my ProRes CinemaDNG licenses back on I2 Prime.
  • During this time I had a remote control failure... one of the sticks failed (plastic inside broke up), so I had to send it in. This remote had the antenna mod with quick release cables to connect to a range extender
  • When they sent it back, they had simply replaced it with a new remote... so my mods were gone.
  • When I asked support about this, they said basically "too bad"
  • Then I took the controller out to use it for the day and found that the tilt wheel was broken... they sent me a replacement controller with a broken tilt wheel! So I had to send that one back.
  • I also escalated this with the higher level people who were helping me. They finally said, "we can't (won't) reimburse you for the expense of re-modding the controller, but we can compensate you with propellers or some other accessory". So after thinking about it, I told them that if they'd give me a ProRes license for my backup Inspire 2, that would seem fair after all this.
  • They finally did.
  • So it's now late June and I'm still waiting for that remote to come back from repairs... and I finally have 2 fully functional Inspire 2's with ProRes licenses on both.... but I can never get back the hours I spent writing emails and waiting on hold to deal with DJI throughout the past months since this started in February.
Geeze...what a saga. I tell ya...the entire world has gone to crap. The mantra "The customer is always right" has died a sad, sad death. Companies like North Face are obviously a shining beacon in a sea of stupidity, laziness and apathy. Thank god for that. But I find overall service reps treat me like I'm wasting their time with my technical questions, logic and common sense. Glad you finally came out ahead....or "even"....<:^/


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