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Feb 27, 2015
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Guys and Girls I need help. I was updating my Inspire to the new firmware today and did something stupid. I turned it off because I thought it was not updating correctly. Now all it will do is blink yellow, I also lost the link to the RC. I tried to do a relink but it times out. DJI said they would call me in 1-2 days. hummm. Please help!

Yes, he is correct, ie. Be sure to update your controller.

I had the same issue until I updated the controller via the camera USB port with cable.

Should be find after 15 min to load.

Best regards,
So I can do it through the use cable, attached to the camera. The usb adaptor was not in my case.
Yes, just make sure you turn on the inspire first, take off the props, then turn on the controller after everything, the USB cord is plugged in between the camera and controller.

Then give it 15 min and it will show green after completion and should link just fine.

Let us know your success.

Best regards,
I hear you... I've been having this problem, I know there is a place in the app that tells you what firmware version each of the components are at, but without a point of reference I have no idea if they are updated or not...
make sure to read the instructions that came with the new firmware...it is a little different. Listen for the D-DD sound and thats your key that it completed. Update the radio and all should be good..had exactly the same problem until i updated the radio.
I updated the controller and everything is working fine. I wish I know what the firmware version were for each component. I can see the versions in the app, I'm just assuming that they are all correct. Any thoughts. Thanks for the help!

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