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First flights comments

Mar 30, 2015
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So after a few flights here are my observations and comments.

when flying in heavy wind, the cuad has trouble holding yaw angle, especially when yawing the cuad, it seems that the wind grabs a hold of it and makes it speed up the yaw speed as it reaches certain angles. (its worth mentioning that I was flying in 10m/s when this happened, I would say that the gusts are a problem more than the constant speed)

With an Ipad mini 3, there is a small lag, maybe 400ms on the video,

In an urban area, RC dropouts started at 250m. On later inspection there were some antennas in the area, but on a precheck I didnt see them, so always pay attention and be prepared for problems,

I also had GPS dropouts on the cuad in an urban area, I was expecting it though due to large highrises on both sides of the cuad and low flight, it would be nice for the app to make some noise or something to let you know about switching to atti mode. I noticed as the cuad drifted towards trees, no problem, i just got it under control and kept on flying, GPS came back when out of the shadow of the building. I think a new flyer would have stacked it though. Also I had time to glance down at the screen and at the same time it flashed up that the compass needed calibration. I had not calibrated it in the area before flight, I have read that it isnt neccesary.

I found that landing gear will come down automatically if too close to the ground, or in this case the front of a moving car. that was a fun discovery......

I found that you MUST stop recording before removing the battery, pretty logical but under the stress of filming a live event can be easily forgotten, Thankfully a member on here made a GUI for the workaround and I got my video back.

Lastly, im convinced that there must be some frame cropping done before the video is recorded, I used the inspire as a handheld camera on a golf buggy, hanging it down by the ground as we drove around. There isnt any vertical movement in the video, and the buggy was jumping up and down the pavement, So I guess its doing the same as the bebop and precropping in order to make the video look even more stable than just out of the gimbal,

All in all, im happy, it flies well, and takes good video, i have only tested 1080p and in 4k my laptop wont even try to play the files back :(
I experienced the lag also with my iPad mini 2. To mitigate it, I just switched the signal to manual, picked a good channel, and set the transmission to 4 Mbps.

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