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First Flights & Video: Central Park and Hudson River

Feb 22, 2015
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Just a short clip from my second and thrid flights with the Inspire 1 in Manhattan, flying over the frozen Hudson River and Central Park (staying below the JFK ceiling).
I love this thing. It is going to take a bit to get used to as it is significantly more responsive than my Phantom 2. I also found that I had become too reliant on the GPS. I had trouble getting GPS lock in both locations. It would lock for about 5 seconds and then drop for ~20 seconds. I gave up and just flew in ATTI.

This is also my first time using FCP. I think I am going to like it. I used to use iMovie, but found that it choked up on the 4K and became very 'choppy'. A few questions for everyone.

1) Is there a way on the iOS app to export the video of the flight record? I was only able get it to export a picture
2) What is causing the GPS issues? I would think that I would get a good lock in Central Park. A software update that shows that satellite count would be great. I have also found that I get lower GPS signal with the gear up, anyone else notice this?
3) Anyone have a good source for good FairUse flying music? Would love some stock tunes that sound good. (My pairing here is not great, but I didnt want to spend much time editing.

Thanks for any/all feedback. Dont foreget to crank up the quality to 4K!!

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