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First test flights great! but not sure if my GPS has issues!

Feb 21, 2015
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Cypress, Texas
I was doing some test flights today of my new inspire. something I noticed was how abruptly the quad reacts when letting go of the sticks. for instance. Let's say I am cruising along relatively slowly around 5-8 mph and in a forward flight attitude, if I let go of the forward stick, it's as if the GPS tries to stop the quad so quickly so that it doesn't continue in the same direction long after I let go of the stick that it abruptly jerks the quad in the opposite direction to get the forward movement stopped and then since it acted so abruptly to stop it with the opposite commands, it has to jerk back in the other direction to counteract this first correction. It makes the I1 look crazy and slightly like it's our of control until it has full gotten the quad to stop it's movement in whatever direction it was going and is finally holding steady in one spot! This is SUPER odd to me, since with my DJI Phantoms, whenever I would let go of the stick, it would take a certain amount of time with it's corrections to come to a nice smooth, slow stop, instead of trying to stop dead in it's tracks as soon as the sticks are released. So what's going on? is this just normal operation with the GPS on the I1, or is my GPS reacting too quickly, and if so, what do I do to fix this issue in order for the quad to come to a smoother, more stable stop???


It's normal and there's no adjustment for it at least for now. Just ease out the stick movement yourself.

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