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Florida Fireworks

Siwulam lovely work, looked fantastic on my HD TV
Thank for sharing
Glen ;-)
I used Adobe Premiere to edit. I wouldnt use any other program. Kauaigene thanks for being the smart *** lol.
Your welcome ;)
"Filmed" aside, nice video.
But I'm wondering why so many of the fireworks videos have no camera movement. Without that type of framing change, ie seeing perspective movement in the surroundings, it looks like a fixed location shot. Even the vertical rise at the beginning adds a lot. Have not had a chance to do this yet and maybe it's more difficult than it seems. Any thoughts?
Kauaigene I really think its because we want to enjoy the fireworks lol. I just put the drone up in the air and watched the fireworks. Didn't really care for the videography at that time.

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